Dental Hygienist Career

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How to register as a dental hygienist in the UK

  • Ask GDC for assessment application.
  • The proper application form will be received by email within 10 days.
  • The GDC will forward your application to the following panel.
  • The GDC has up to 4 months to inform you of their decision.


What is a dental hygienist?

A dental hygienist is an ancillary dental specialty practiced by licensed dental professionals. The dental hygienist plays an important role in the dental team. They offer preventive and educational services to both children and adults. Their purpose is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, they treat oral diseases.

Is the work of a dental hygienist important?

Dental hygienists play a vital role in maintaining oral health. The work they do relieves a dentist of a significant burden. In addition to supporting dentists, they also perform certain key tasks.

What kind of tasks is a dental hygienist responsible for?

Prior to meeting a dentist, patients meet with them. They take a medical history. They comprehend the patient's medical state, dental work, evaluate any threats to the patient's oral health, and help to avoid medical emergencies. Patients are examined for oral disorders and tooth decay. They clean people's teeth. Scaling, cleaning, and polishing teeth are all things they perform. They perform dental x-rays on the gums and teeth. This aids in early problem detection. They implement preventive measures including applying sealants and topical fluoride. Additionally, they instruct patients on how to maintain and enhance their dental health. They give advice on how to brush and floss properly. Finally, they record every aspect of the patient's care and therapy.

Does a dental hygienist operate on their own?

With broad oversight from a qualified dentist, they handle the majority of their work independently.

Are dental hygienists in demand?

Dental hygienists are highly sought after. With a 20% anticipated 10-year growth rate

What is the average salary of a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienists make an average base pay of £54,801 per year.

What types of jobs are available for dental hygienists?

They have numerous employment options at medical facilities and neighborhood dental clinics. Their job may be done at a hospital or in the community dental services.

What are the qualifications needed to become a dental hygienist?

rated 4-7 or A-C 2-3 in five GCSE subjects

What abilities are necessary to work as a dental hygienist?

The most crucial abilities are those of communication.

How to register as a dental hygienist in the UK?

You must ask GDC for an assessment application form. You will receive an email notification within 10 days of submitting your online application informing you of the proper application form. You must complete the form, which is longer than 20 pages. Additionally required are a professional reference form and a certificate of good standing form. If there are any issues with the application or any forms that are missing, the GDC will let you know. The GDC will forward your application to the following panel after receiving a fully filled form. The GDC has up to 4 months to inform you of their decision.

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