Can overseas dentist work in UK?

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Overseas who wish to practice dentistry in the UK must pass the ORE exam before registering with the GDC. Clinical skills and general dentistry knowledge are tested on this pass/fail exam. Part 1 of the ORE exam is a computer-based written exam consisting of two papers. Exam fees are non-refundable. You will receive the results via email. Part 2 of the ORE exam is a clinical exam. Clinical examinations include operative tests on dental manikins, diagnosis and treatment planning, and practical examinations in medical emergencies. Each part of the exam can be taken up to four times. For more information about the exam, visit the General Dental council website.

If you received your dental education in another language, you must pass an English language test (such the IELTS).

You have successfully registered with the GDC. You can now begin your job search. If you register with us, we'll notify you as soon as new openings come up.

Every dentist is required to have their own indemnity. This professional indemnity insurance is intended to protect them in the event that specific mistakes are made while conducting business. We advise you to submit an application at the Dental Defence Union (DDU)

You must apply for a Performer Number if you plan to provide care under an NHS contract. An arbitrary six-digit number is called a performer number. During your whole time working for the NHS, it won't change. You'll need the following to apply for this number:

1- a passport

2- The GDC registration

3- Your diploma certificate

4- Certificate of training

5- CV

6- Language exam outcomes

7- Work permit

8- Defense registration

9- Certification of Hepatitis B Immunity

Depending on your level of competence, and it differs from dentist to dentist, this process can take several weeks. In some circumstances, additional documentation may be needed.

For a brief time, dentists with dental degrees from abroad can register for temporary registration to work in supervised positions for training, teaching, or research.


Foreign dentists who want to work in the UK must register with the GDC, pass an English language test, obtain professional indemnity insurance, and obtain a Performer Number. Additional paperwork can be required in some cases. Temporary registration is also available for training, research and teaching.






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