How to prepare for a dental license exam

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In the United States, a dentist must pass the National Board Dental Examination, or NBDE, which consists of two parts. Part 1 is a one-day exam composed of 400 questions of basic science (Anatomic Science, Biochemistry/Physiology, Microbiology/Pathology, and Dental Anatomy). Part 2 is on 2 days. Day 1 of part 2 is composed of 400 questions. Day 2 of part 2 is composed of 100 case-based questions. The exam covers Operative Dentistry, Pharmacology, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral Pathology/Radiology, Oral Surgery/Pain Control, Orthodontics/Pediatric Dentistry, and Patient Management. To pass, students must score at least 75%.  

A dental hygienist has to pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE). The exam is 350 multiple choice questions. Divided into 2 components. Component A: scientific basis for dental hygiene practice, provision of clinical dental hygiene services, and community health/research principles. Component B: dental hygiene patient cases.

Preparing for a dental license exam can be a daunting task. First, you need to choose the place you want to practice in. Remember that requirement for the license is slightly different in each state. Download the candidate manual and review it thoroughly. It is important to understand the content that will be covered on the exam and to create a study plan that will help you to be successful. Researching the exam format, content, and study materials is a great first step. Additionally, it is important to create a study schedule and stick to it. Remember to stay organized. Studying for the exams should take 2-3 hours per credit per week. Joining a study group is effective in better understanding the subjects, improving your problem-solving skills, and motivating you. The study group should not exceed 5 members and they should meet weekly to discuss the updates and next week's studying schedule.

Utilizing practice exams and online resources can help study and for gauging your level of preparedness. There are some dental exam practice apps on apple and google stores. They are also online platforms that offer a study guide for all dental license exams. As you prepare for your dental exams, your professors and advisors can be valuable resources. Your tutors will be able to offer advice based on their own experiences and years of helping students. So keep in touch with them while preparing for the exam.
Learn stress reduction techniques. Start your day with exercise. Practice Yoga for 5-10 minutes. Walk for 20 minutes. Always think positively. Eat healthy food. Finally, it is important to get enough rest and to stay healthy and hydrated during the exam preparation period. Taking these steps can help you to be successful on the dental license exam.

Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE). The exam is available year round. The exam is 2 days. Day 1: 8 hours 15 minutes, Day 2: 4 hours 15 minutes. 

 ADEX exam is 4 hours.

National Board Dental Hygienist Exam (NBDHE). The exam is available year round. The exam is 9 hours.

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