How to nail a dental job interview in 2023

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A job interview is required in all Dental Jobs

When looking for a job in the dental field, whether it be a dentist, dental nurse, dental receptionist, or dental hygienist, a job interview is required. An interview is a structured conversation between a jobseeker and a recruiter, in which the interviewer will ask questions and the interviewee must respond in order to convince the recruiter that they are the right candidate for the job. In order to have the best chance of success, it is important to prepare for the job interview in advance.

1-Research the dental practice

You have to research as much information about the dental practice. Talk to your network whether anyone has used services in this dental practice before. Read the dental practice website, and read the patients` reviews. It is a good idea to visit the dental practice and have a look at it before the interview. By visiting the place you will get a broader image of the dental practice. If you can talk to the people  working there and patients who receive the service there. You will be more comfortable during the interview and you will impress the interviewer with how much you know about their dental practice.

2- If you know the interviewer research him

Search his profile on linked in, social media pages, if he has publications, you can have a look into them

3-Learn everything you can about the Job

Read the job description carefully. If this is your first job then try to learn about how you are going to do this job.

If you are applying for a dental hygienist Job you can use this case study “I became a dental hygienist because I loved how my dental hygienist always welcome me with a smile, built a trusting relationship with me and was very skilled in cleaning my teeth. I am now passionate to treat other patients the same way”.

4-How should you dress for a dental interview?

How you are dressed gives the first impression. It is better to dress in business casual attire. Your clothes should be cleaned, free of stains and unwrinkled. Avoid jewelry and bracelets that make noise. Avoid chewing gums, ear bugs, too much makeup, short skirts and tight-fitting clothes.

5- Prepare your bag ahead

You will need your ID, the dental practice address, a copy of your resume, a notepad and a pen.

It is also good to have deodorant, a phone charger, breath mint, and shoe cleaner.

6- Arrive fifteen minutes early

This conveys a message that you are a reliable person. Arriving early will help improve your performance during a dental interview. You can use the restroom, fill out any necessary paperwork, and do relaxing exercises.

7- Take care of your body language

Body language is the message we convey to the world. Sometimes people make judgments according to body language.

8-Prepare for the common dental interview questions

In an interview, one of the common questions are what are your strongest and weakest points.  If you are not sure what are your strongest and weakest point are. There are free personality tools to help you find them.

I know interviews are really stressful. A good method to decrease this stress is to be well-prepared. The old method was to stand in front of a mirror and answer the questions loud. But nowadays, there are some useful tools to practice for a mock interview.

9- If this is not your first Job

Avoid speaking negatively about your previous recruiter or your previous job.

10-Try to sleep well before an interview

Get yourself a warm cup of herbal drink, do some light exercise, and practice yoga.

Common Dental Job interview questions with sample answers.

What is your educational background?

I was graduated from   ….University,  received a number of Dental continuing education courses in …. ,  The last course I received was …..

What was your previous job?

I worked as a dental hygienist in …..

Why did you leave it?

I have been working with them for years but I want to experience a new environment to continue growing.

I was on maternity leave and they hired someone else.

I learned a lot from them but I am now ready for a change.

I resigned from my previous job because I had a family issue. Now the issue is resolved and I can work again.

What was your achievement in your previous position?

My greatest achievement is that 50 patients wrote 5-star reviews for the dental practice that I worked for last year.

As a dental hygienist, I spotted an oral disease of a patient and I guided him to receive treatment.

As a dental hygienist, I enjoy seeing my patients smile.

What was the most challenging thing in your previous Job?

The biggest challenge was during the COVID-19 pandemic. How to examine the patients without getting infected, what is the most suitable treatment method during the pandemic?

The dental practice is usually very busy and I stay a long time working. It was challenging to balance my personal life and career life.

Dealing with a difficult patient is challenging for me as a receptionist.

Dealing with dental supply vendors is challenging for me as a receptionist.

Can you tell us about yourself?

Well, I am currently a dental nurse. Before I worked in a private dental practice and I enjoyed the work I did.

Describe your strong points.

I am very organized and I can work under stress.

Do you think you are fit for this Job? Why?

Yes, I think I am the right person for this job. I have all the required skills for the job and I am sure I can make an immediate impact on your dental practice.

Can you work under stress?

Yes, I can work under stress. Whatever stress I have to tackle it from a mental and physical standpoint. Working under stress will help me to push myself to explore my skills and knowledge.

Can you work in a team?

Yes, I am a very cooperative person. I prefer working in a team as different team members contribute through different perspectives and this usually has a good impact on the quality of work.

What are your long-term goals?

My long-term goal is to become a successful dentist and provide patients with best dental experience.

My long-term goal is to become a successful dental hygienist and provide patients with the best dental experience.

Have you ever treated a patient who objected to your recommendations for oral health?

Yes, I had a previous experience who objected to my recommendations for his oral health. I was calm and I tried to explain as much as possible the pros and cons. I asked him to think for a week. He returned after 1 week and agreed on doing my recommendations.

Describe the typical examination you conduct on a new patient.

Do not forget to state that you welcome the patient.

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