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New Zealand is a renowned lifestyle destination – where your quality of life and career opportunities are vast. It’s no surprise that we get interest from clinicians all over the world, wanting to make New Zealand their home.

See what our expat dentists have to say about moving to NZ to join Lumino!


Relocation Process

We offer $10,000 relocation support, and we hold full accreditation with Immigration NZ. 

As Accredited Employers we can support your visa for both the short term and long term, and have an experienced team who will help make the move a smooth process! 

There’s two key components to your relocation to New Zealand:

  • Registration to practice in your Dental Scope with the New Zealand Dental Council (DCNZ)
  • Your eligibility to work in New Zealand.

Dentistry is currently listed under the  Skill  Level Classification  with Immigration NZ.

Registration to practice in New Zealand.

If you’ve trained outside of New Zealand, to be able to practise as a dental professional here you are required to register with the New Zealand Dental Council.

To find out more about the pathways to registration visit the NZ Dental Council.

Please note, Lumino doesn't have any direct input into your registration process and doesn't act as an advisory body in your registration process, but we're able to give you general practical advice about practising in New Zealand. We encourage all Immigrating Clinicians to undertake this conversation with the Dental Council as soon as possible, as it will dictate your process and relocation timeframes.

Obtaining a visa – your eligibility to work in New Zealand.

If you're considering a relocation, you will need to have current and accurate advice, and this information either needs to come from Immigration New Zealand or your licensed immigration specialist. In New Zealand, it’s illegal for anyone unlicensed to provide advice.

For up to date information visit Immigration NZ. 

Immigration Fast Track Scheme

The immigration fast track helps overseas workers have a more immediate path to residency in New Zealand, known as a Green List.

The green list has a total of 48 health roles including:

  • Dental Specialists
  • Dental Technicians
  • Dentists
  • Dental Therapists
  • Oral Health Therapists

Before an applicant can apply for residency, they must meet the requirements set out in the Green List. If registration is required, this must be obtained before submitting a residence application


  •  Commission – 35% Commission
  •  Retainer - $120,000 (40 hours/week)
  •  Training & Development Allowances
  • 5% rural community service commission